Telecoms At Its Best


DAS RF Design

Ilanga Technologies has just launched there new service to operators, OEM and other wireless users. We now provide RF Designs for all technologies including Passive DAS, Hybrid DAS, Active DAS. We also provide Wifi hotspot heat maps at affordable prices. We use iBwave on all our designs. If you an integrator and need to provide your client with a professional looking RF design and bill of quantities we can provide that in short turn around time. Save more by completing the site survey on our behalf, send us the updated cad drawings of your proposed antenna or AP locations and we will provide you with a professional RF plan.  

Technical Site Survey

Ilanga Technologies has to date done over 1500 technical site survey reports (TSSR). With a dedicated drawing office and with all staff having a technical background, it makes going through a technical site survey quickly without sacrificing on the quality of the information. All survey teams have fall arrest certificates, so climbing cellphone towers can be done if needed. Our turnaround time for producing a complete TSSR is 2 days, but if requested it can be done the same day. We provide both PDF and Cad drawings to clients. Changes can be done with the hour if need be.


Ilanga provides installation and rigging of antennas, remote radio units (RRU) and remote electrical tilts (RET). Every team will have at least two fall arrest technicians who have the experience to rig and install antenna and all related components. We also have teams with rope access qualifications for those sites that do not provide access to desired heights with the use of ladders. They are qualified to abseil down buildings and masts. This elite team will be capable of any installation when it comes to GSM installations. 

Microwave: PtMP and PtP 

We have installed a large number of Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint microwaves around the country. Obtaining line of site is the first key survey one must conduct before any microwave installation takes place. This is covered by our TSSR teams. We have installed 300mm microwave dishes all the way up to 1.8m microwaves on towers that are more than 80m high. Our in house manufacturing shop also provides us with custom brackets at short turnaround times to place microwaves on any section of the mast. 

BTS install and commissioning 

The heart and brains of any site is the BTS. We have to date done more than 2000 BTS installations and swaps. Our teams can install and commission the same day. In rapid roll out situations teams are capable to do more than 4 BTS installations and commissioning sites a day. We also have our own 4x4 8ton crane truck to provide better mobility on any site even on top of hills and mountains. Our teams can also load scripts and run diagnostics on all major RAN suppliers 

Power Upgrade 

With two branches, one in Kempton Park and the other in Durban, we make use of two electricians to provide us with electrical compliance certificates. All installation are done by qualified technicians whether its AC single phase, 3 phase or DC power. We also provide assistance in acquiring power from council and Eskom. 

Container Reticulation

Our staff has collectively 50 years experience in container reticulation. This includes assembling collapsible containers and air conditioner installation. With our crane truck we can also provide container drops and deliveries. Containers will be reticulated on site in such cases. On rooftop sites where rooms are allocated to operators we are also able to reticulate these as if it were a container.

Cable Termination 

Ilanga has the capabilities to work in sensitive environments like network operation centers as well as telecom exchanges. We have completed projects where teams had to terminate 700 E1 connections all the way down to single pair connections and coaxial terminations. 

Fibre Optic

For the past 3 years Ilanga has slow but surely gathered experience in installing and splicing of fibre optics. To date we have completed to close to 100 projects for CellC, Neotel and Huawei. Clients are given printed out results of every sweep we do on fibre optic lines. We also do pre-checks on imported pre-made fibre optics. After that, the fibre gets installed and checked again incase of any damages to the cable.